Speak Well: Public Speaking Tips from 100 Improvised Presentations

Yun Qing and Darren run an improvised presentation show called PowerPoint Karaoke.

They've watched 100 people get up in front of an audience and make up a presentation on the spot.

They've seen success, failure, mistakes, brilliance, Pathos, Logos and Aramis. This is what they learned from 100 presentations.

Whether you're trying to be a better speaker, learning to deliver better Zoom presentations, or just want more confidence -- this is for you.


The training is divided into

Part 1: "100 Improvised Presentations" (Available for preview)

  • What is PowerPoint Karaoke?
  • What a good PPTKTV show looks like
  • Bringing PPTKTV online
  • How does PPTK help with presentation skills?
  • How we "hack" PPTKTV to make each presentation successful
  • Why people volunteer for PPTKTV


Part 2: "Public Speaking Tips"

  • Managing stage fright
  • Prepare yourself
  • The audience are on your side
  • No one knows what's next
  • Don't copy others
  • Lower your expectations
  • Zoom presentation tips

Part 3: Four Core Ideas to help your next presentation

  • Idea 1: 🔥
  • Idea 2: 🖼️
  • Idea 3: 🔗
  • Idea 4: 🧱
  • Bonus: Crimes of PPTKTV
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